Global Digital Divide

We spent the past four months studying the most pressing issues facing the future of global technology. This site represents our attempt to dissect and contribute to the current conversation around some of those topics.

Palantir: Inflating the Digital Divide

Palantir has attracted controversy for its supposedly effective arsenal of intelligence and surveillance tools. In response, the company has pointed to the growing technologcial tension between the US and China. Do we have reason to fear that Western tech powers are falling behind?

Libra: The Future of Digital Currency in the West?

Libra aspired to be a transnational currency, bank the unbanked, and to pioneer the widespread use of digital currency in the Western world. Yet the new project has largely fallen flat due to regulatory concerns. Even so, the Libra project has raised some important questions that central bankers and legislators must now consider.

Free Basics and Digital Colonialism in Africa

The offer of free internet seems too good to decline. Bringing connectivity to millions of Africans is a powerful way for a western company to aid the African continent, but do the ways in which Facebook is implementing the platform impose greater long-term damages?

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